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Re-energise Your Running Routine in Autumn


Many runners find the repetitive sound of their feet hitting the ground one after the other to be soothing, almost hypnotic, and a great way to switch off from the stresses of daily life. But what can you do when it’s your running routine that begins to feel repetitive?  Here are some ideas to re-energise your routine and put the spring back in your step:

Create a new playlist

We all have our favourite tracks, one which motivate us to keep going. An updated soundtrack can really make a difference to your routine. If your current playlist is full of the latest releases, mix it up with some classics, and if the classics are your usual thing, download some remixes for your next run. Consider asking a friend to share their playlist and you might find some new favourites. Alternatively, give audiobooks a go. Biographies, comedies and thrillers will keep you entertained and you may find yourself doing an extra lap just to find out what happens next!

Buy a new pair of running shoes

What it is about a new pair of trainers, or any new item of running gear, that always causes excitement and anticipation? If your running routine is as tired as your running shoes, don’t wait for birthdays or Christmas. Find a new pair to inspire you and put them through their paces – you won’t be able to stop yourself. For extra excitement, experience the very latest in Blast-Cap Technology with our Hey Like Wow soft drinks, delivering hydration and nutrients to support your active lifestyle.

Get involved

Sometimes a solitary run is just what’s needed to clear your head and get away from it all, but if you’re feeling uninspired by your routine, why not join a running club? Clubs provide good opportunities to learn new routes and meet new running buddies. The support of other runners is a great way to stay motivated and there is usually a good social element too. Post-run pub lunch anyone?

Reverse your route

If there are limited options for exploring new routes where you live, simply reverse your route to add a bit of variety. This works particularly well if your route includes hills, as you will find yourself running uphill when you are used to a decline and vice versa.

Add spontaneity – the Swedish way

Want to break up your routine with something less structured? “Fartleks” might just be the thing. Swedish for “speed play”, fartleks will introduce an element of fun and games to your regime. Just run at a comfortable pace to warm up and then throw in a sprint – run at this pace until you reach the end of the street, or until the next set of traffic lights, or until you see a blue car. Just have fun with it, it’s called “play” after all!

Go off the beaten track

Pounding the pavements might be your usual routine, but have you thought about where else you could take your workout? The local park, beach or woodland trail will not only offer interesting sights (ooh a squirrel!) but will make you work harder as the terrain is likely to be more uneven than you are used to. Not only that, spending time with nature is proven to give your mental health a positive boost too.

Treat yourself

Running requires commitment and dedication, so don’t forget to reward yourself for all your hard work to keep your spirits and motivation high. Treat yourself to a restorative massage, spa-day, or nice, warm bath to feel rested and re-energised for your next run. Better yet, grab a bottle of Hey Like Wow, to truly refresh after your workout.


How To Get Kids Active This Autumn


As we start to say goodbye to the sunshine, it is time to be a little more creative with how we get children outdoors, so that they get their daily dose of vitamin D. At Hey Like Wow, every single one of our drinks contain this vital vitamin, along with vitamins C and B6 too. This means that all you have to worry about is making sure your kids exercise too!

There are some children who don’t like the idea of playing sport, and that’s okay! There are plenty of other ways to make sure that they are getting the fresh air and movement they need to have a healthy start to life.


There are endless different types of walks you can do! A nature walk takes you along a nature trail and allows for kids to work their imagination, as they discover new items to learn about. Bring a bag so you can collect as you go!

A colour walk is also an innovative way to get the kids out and excited about exercising. Choose your colour at the beginning of your walk and allow your children to run ahead and begin the hunt for everything that matches it. Try taking a picture of each item they find, as a way of keeping track.

If you have a dog, and friends who do too, then why not arrange to get together and walk as a group? Exercise is far more fun with friends, and dogs always provide great entertainment!


A surprisingly physical activity, gardening is great when you want to stay a little closer to home. Studies have also shown that kids who garden have healthier eating habits. Besides, we all know kids love anything that gets them muddy, so it makes for the perfect activity. A simple start would be growing cress, or planting some bulbs so that they can enjoy the anticipation of watching them bloom the following spring!

Scavenger hunt

Devise a list of objects and send your kids out on the hunt! Conkers, acorns or chestnuts are great seasonal ideas! Take it a step further and hide your own objects. Provide a treasure map, set a time limit to ramp up the excitement and get those children running around!

Apple Orchard

This activity has a double-whammy benefit, as not only does the whole family get to enjoy the outdoors, you also come home with a basket of apples! You could give the kids a target number of apples to get in a certain time, or leave them to their own devices, as they run through the trees and reach (or jump!) to pick them.


A new form of treasure hunting, geocaching works by using a GPS enabled phone to guide you around your area, to find real life hidden treasures! By entering your postcode, you are provided with a list of nearby locations where a geocache is hidden. Simply enter the location on your GPS device and find what has been left for you, and leave other treasures for fellow geocachers.

A healthy lifestyle is the balance between diet and exercise, and here at Hey Like Wow we don’t think that children should miss out on either. Try some of these outdoor activities with your little ones today and let us know about your day!


Why Do We Put Vitamin D in Hey Like Wow?


During the summer months, it is great to know that simply stepping outside for a few moments to enjoy the warmth of the sun’s rays on your skin is doing more than just putting a smile on your face – it’s boosting your vitamin D levels too!

Vitamin D is made in our skin cells, in response to being exposed to UV rays from sunlight. During the winter months, however, studies show that up to half of people in the UK could be deficient in this important vitamin.

This year the clocks are going back on the 30th October, signalling the end of British Summer Time and the beginning of colder, shorter days. For many of us, this means missing out on those precious hours of sunlight, and therefore vitamin D, as we sit at our desks or keep warm indoors.

Most of us are aware of the important role vitamin D plays in bone health, as well as the regulation of calcium and phosphorus, which helps to reduce the risks of developing conditions like osteoporosis. However, latest research is suggesting there could be even more to this vitamin than we think.

Cardiovascular Health

According to NHS England, cardiovascular disease is one of the main causes of death and disability in the UK. Cardiovascular disease generally refers to conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels that can lead to a heart attack, chest pain (angina) or stroke. Recently, inadequate levels of vitamin D have been linked to an increased prevalence and incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Auto-immune diseases

The term ‘auto-immune diseases’ refers to a wide range of conditions where the body’s immune system fails to recognise the difference between ‘self’ and ‘non-self’. When this happens, the immune system destroys cells and tissues of the body thinking they are foreign invaders. Conditions such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes mellitus, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) all fall under this definition. Numerous studies have shown that there is an association between vitamin D deficiency and these conditions, as well as the ways in which vitamin D may prevent and even treat auto-immune disorders.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia, affecting over 800,000 people in the UK. It is a progressive neurological disease affecting many functions of the brain. Scientists know that the brain relies on vitamin D receptors to protect itself against things that can damage it, but only recently has there been more research in this area. The latest studies show that adults with a deficiency in this vitamin have a 53% increased risk of developing dementia. Alarmingly, this risk rises to 125% for those with a severe deficiency.

The prevalence of vitamin D deficiency increases with distance from the equator, and Northern European countries have the highest rates of deficiency. This is why it is so important to identify other sources of getting sufficient levels of this ‘sunshine vitamin’, especially when the sun is not shining!

At Hey Like Wow, our aim has always been to provide an easy and enjoyable way of including more vitamins and minerals in your diet. This is why vitamin D is just one of the vitamins we have added to our range of healthy, vitamin-enriched, sugar and preservative free, soft drinks.


No Tricks This Halloween With These Healthy Halloween Treats!


It’s that time of year again! Halloween is a time to get creative with your costume, channel your inner artist with a pumpkin, and get the kids together for a night of games; bobbing for apples, wrap the mummy, and of course, trick or treat.

However, these ‘treats’ are usually bursting with processed sugar, preservatives and E numbers, which we all know to be the true horrors of Halloween, with their links to obesity, heart disease and hyperactivity.

So we have found five tasty alternatives to keep your kids happy and healthy this Halloween! With their creative and fun appearance, children will love them, and you get the peace of mind that you are keeping the real monsters at bay.

1. Chocolate Apples


A perfect alternative to toffee apples, these apples coated in dark chocolate have all the health benefits of dark cocoa. They’re rich in antioxidants and contain qualities which help the heart and circulation, without the high sugar content of toffee and dramatic effect on tooth decay, liver damage and diabetes.

2. Stuffed Pumpkin Peppers


A more savoury option, these stuffed pepper make a great choice if you’re hosting a few children over dinner time! You can get creative with the filling (maybe try spaghetti in a tomato sauce to look like brains spilling out!), or substitute the mince with black beans for a tasty vegetarian option high in protein.

3. Frankenstein Kiwi Heads 


Providing 273% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C (five times more than an orange!), the kiwi is a valuable treat when the nights are getting colder and you’re in need of a natural immune booster! Kiwis also contain 89% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin K, which has been dubbed ‘the forgotten vitamin’ as despite its major benefits, it’s often being overlooked. Vitamin K is crucial for fighting blood clots, strengthening bones and preventing heart disease. Decorate this healthy head with either blueberries or dark chocolate chips and you’re left with not only an exceptionally nutritious snack but a seasonal Frankenstein head too!

4. Strawberry Ghosts


Strawberries have a long list of health benefits, earning their title as a ‘superfood’. Not only do they contain immunity boosting vitamin C, they promote eye health, fight cholesterol, reduce inflammation leading to arthritis, regulate blood pressure and boost fibre.

Tip: for a more accessible product, use vanilla yoghurt. Simply put yoghurt in the freezer until it becomes a little firmer (not frozen!), dip strawberries, place on parchment paper and refreeze after adding dark chocolate chip eyes and mouth!

5. Witches Broomsticks


While cheese has a bad reputation of having a high fat content, this is entirely dependent on the type of cheese you use. This recipe suggests a reduced fat mozzarella, but you can of course make any other substitutions!

Cheese also has substantial health benefits, such as being a rich source of calcium. This is important for bone strength and growth, as well as helping your heart and muscles function properly. There is also a substantial amount of protein in cheese, which our body uses to rebuild muscles, blood, bones and skin.

It’s important to stay healthy over festive holidays. Head to Pinterest for more ideas on how to stay nutritious and delicious this October. Plus, why not replace the tricks with treats with a luscious Apple drink from Hey Like Wow! Get your fill of vitamins B6, C and D, while still enjoying the excitement of ghosts and ghouls with your sugar and spice and all things nice, as well as the rats and snails and puppy dog’s tails!