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ICYMI: Food & Drink Expo 2016

Did you miss us in Birmingham last week? Not to worry, we are here to give you all the details on the event!
For two decades the Food & Drink Expo has provided a vibrant platform to touch, taste and experience an exciting and eclectic mix of undiscovered brands and household names alike.

The Food & Drink Expo and its co-located shows bring together over 1200 suppliers plus 100 informative sessions from more than 250 experts across the country! As it was our first time participating, we were there giving out our new range of healthy Hey Like Wow drinks for all to try!

We heard so much great feedback and met so many wonderful people! It was great to inform ticket holders about the health benefits of our product and it was amusing to see them try their hand at our new cap technology. In case you are unsure of how our Hey Like Wow beverages work, just remember to PUSH it, SHAKE it, LIVE it. By pushing the red button on the top of the bottle, you are releasing all the flavours, vitamins and goodness into the mineral water. After that, shake it up and watch the colour infuse in the liquid. The last step of course, is to drink and enjoy!

Here are some snaps of the Expo:



Why we LOVE Coconuts!

Coconuts not only taste great, but also the benefits of coconuts make it an obvious choice to use for cooking and consumption!

This week, we’re exploring the history of the coconut and why in fact it is often considered a superfood! Way back when, Portuguese explorers on the tropical islands throughout the Indian Ocean discovered the Coconut. They named it “coquo”(coco) meaning “small animal” as they thought the three dark spots on the coconut shell reminded them of a grinning monkey! Fast forward several years later, and coconuts are in high demand, with the Philippines and Indonesia supplying 85% of the world’s coconut exports!

So why are coconuts in such high demand? For their health benefits of course! For one thing, they help prevent obesity by speeding up the metabolism… and who doesn’t love that! Coconuts reduce sweet cravings because the healthy fats in the coconut slow down any rise in blood sugar which helps reduce hypoglycemic cravings. Coconuts also lower cholesterol, improve digestion, ward off wrinkles and fights infections!

In terms of beauty, coconut oil is great for your hair and skin, keeping your skin hydrated and preventing breakage for your hair!

On top of all this, coconut genuinely tastes delicious so it’s no surprise we’ve incorporated coconut flavor in our Hey Like Wow beverages. If you’re a fan of coconut just like us, you must try it in our Mango, Lime & Coconut Soft Drink – we guarantee you’ll love it!


5 reasons why sugar is bad for you!

sugar1Now I know we have all heard before that sugar is no good for our heath, but for most of us, sugar lures us in and we cannot resist but help ourselves to another cookie from the jar! What we need is a cold, hard, slap of truth – the facts on WHY exactly we should avoid sugar and how we can start substituting our favourite foods for healthier, sugar free options.

  1. Sugar, as we all know is bad for your teeth…Shocker! Added sugars contain lots of calories with NO benefits, in other words they contain no nutrients, hence their nickname “empty” calories. These empty calories found in sugar provide harmful bacteria in your mouth, which decay your teeth and provide comfortable lives for many dentists!

  1. Sugar can overload your liver! Before sugar enters the bloodstream, it’s broken down into two different types…glucose and fructose. Our body can use and produce glucose, however, fructose is not naturally produced and has no benefits or purpose for our bodies. Only your liver can break down fructose, but if your liver is full on glycogen, the liver has no choice but to store fructose as fat, and large amounts of this can cause liver problems.

  1. Insulin Resistance! Insulin is a very valuable hormone to have in our bodies, it allows glucose to enter cells from the bloodstream and burn glucose instead of fat. Unfortunately when the body consumes high amounts of glucose (sugar) it becomes resistant to insulin, which stops insulin from doing its job.

  1. Type II Diabetes! Of course insulin resistance can eventually lead to diabetes. Long story short, when insulin cannot do its job in breaking down glucose, the pancreas goes into shock and, presto… you have diabetes.

  1. Addiction!! Like abusive drugs, sugar causes a release of dopamine in the reward centre of the brain…making it extremely addictive for some people. So the saying, “everything in moderation” becomes hard to live by, as addicts tend to overload on sugar. An abundance of sugar will lead to not only physical effects such as weight gain, but will also have a negative mental effect.


Now you know the scientific information behind why sugar is bad for you, so start making changes. Whenever your sweet tooth is calling for a snack, try eating a fruit with natural sugars. Another easy way to cut unnecessary added sugars is by your choice of beverage. Don’t add sugar in your morning coffee and switch to Hey Like Wow as opposed to sugar-filled soft drinks. It will be hard at first, but we know you can do it! Help us win the #waronsugar!