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Flavour Profile: The Pomegranate

This week, we’re highlighting the goodness of pomegranates and our one-of-a-kind Hey Like Wow Pomegranate & Acai Drink. This Middle Eastern superfood is a great addition to our range and combined with acai berries you’re onto a health winner. Pomegranates are packed with ingredients that helps target and fight; heart disease, stress and poor digestive systems. While acai berries aid weight loss and anti-ageing effects.

Antioxidants are packed in this drink thanks to these added super foods. These antioxidants help improve the texture of your skin and combats acne, redness and a naturally dry appearance. The rich fibre content of the pomegranate aids natural daily digestion meaning you’re looking after your gut and skin with the consumption of pomegranates.

The underrated pomegranate is actually better for you than leading health foods; green tea, blueberries and cranberries! Plus it’s 30% of your Vitamin C intake and 12% of your potassium intake! Did you know pomegranates also help to reduce stress? With our Hey Like Wow Pomegranate & Acai Vitamin Water containing pomegranate as well as being packed with Vitamin C, B6 & D our funky flavoured drink is ideal for students, or to drink at work. Our whole range also contains no added sugars so ditch the sugary artificial drinks and improve your state of mind and body!


Vitamin C

All about Vitamin C

You don’t have to be terribly health conscious to recognize the importance of vitamin C. Some of you may know how vitamin C benefits the body and why it is vital to include in your diet, but we’re about to dig a little bit deeper and share some facts you may not have known.

So what is the deal with vitamin C? Well, it is the most researched vitamin in the world with tons of studies and new facts compiled each year. What we know for sure is that vitamin C is important for the bones, brain and overall good health!

What you may not have known is that humans, along with bats, guinea pigs and other primates are unable to produce vitamin C! That means, that for many mammals, the only way to reap the benefits of vitamin C is through consumption. This seems like an easy task considering vitamin C is found in an abundance of fruits and vegetables, however this is not the case.

Despite its natural abundance, Vitamin C is a relatively delicate nutrient. It decomposes at 190 degrees Celsius, which means that it can be destroyed through broiling, grilling or frying! So next time you’re eating kiwi, papaya, citrus fruits, sweet peppers, broccoli, kale or more – try to go raw to get the most from your fruits and veg!

So what benefits does one receive from vitamin C? Well, it is essential for the formation and maintenance of collagen and as we know, collagen forms bones, cartilage and skin. With this being said, vitamin C is great for repairing wounds! A scrape, burns, cuts, you name it – by reaching your daily intake of vitamin C, you are helping to heal faster!

Vitamin C also plays an important role in brain function by participating in the synthesis of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter. Vitamin C lowers the risk of certain cancers and the chances of developing a cataract, improves cholesterol, increases white blood cell counts and controls allergies and autoimmune responses. If you have asthma, eczema or hay fever, vitamin C will reduce your symptoms! As well, when you have a cold or fever, studies show that vitamin C will increase the rate of recovery anywhere from 10% – 50%.

Our last fact to share is that even if you get your daily intake of vitamin C, 75% of those vitamins are excreted within 24 hours of consumption! That’s right, through urine, we are unable to keep these properties for very long. That’s why it’s important to make a conscious effort to get your vitamin C in every day. Our Hey Like Wow vitamin water provides over 30% of your Reference Intake of vitamin C a day – an easy way to take in more vitamin C while staying hydrated!


Kids’ Meal Ideas

As a busy parent, creative and fun meal ideas can be tough, so we’ve come up with a few balanced lunches and snacks that your child will love and are quick to make so you can get on with your day!


Our first quick and easy snack suggestion is bento-style bits and bites. Using compartmentalized Tupperware of all shapes and sizes, pre-pack your child’s favourite finger foods. Cut up fruits and raw veggies to ensure your child gets his or her vitamins. Healthy dips such as hummus or sour cream can help make healthy eating more enjoyable. For protein, cut up boiled hot dogs and include a packet of ketchup or mustard. Cheese cubes and crackers, sliced boiled eggs and assorted seeds are other easy ideas to ensure your child gets their good fats, calcium and energy.

One of our favourite guilt free snacks is popcorn! Make your own popcorn the night before using coconut oil. Coconut oil contains good fat and not to mention, will give the popcorn a semi-sweet taste! Make a large enough batch to last the week, and then prepack the popcorn in paper bags. Pack these in your child’s lunch box with a few crayons, that way after they’ve finished eating their popcorn, they can decorate the paper bag and turn their rubbish into works of art!


Create a colourful kaleidoscope of goodness with tortilla wraps! Lay your tortilla wrap flat and apply a light layer of ranch or your child’s favourite dip. Using veggies of all different colours and consistencies, stagger peppers, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and the works all the way across the tortilla, leaving space at the end to close it off post rolling. Pulled apart chicken breast is definitely tasty in these rainbow rolls, however – as a time saver, you may always opt for cold cuts from the market!

If there’s one thing we know about kids, it is that they are unconventional in every possible way! Therefore, it’s only fitting they will enjoy the deconstructed sandwich! Using skewers, stack on whole wheat bread, cheese cubes, avocado, wrapped cold cuts and more to create your child’s favourite Sammy! Caprese sandwiches are easy to recreate with cherry tomatoes and bocconcini cheese. If your child prefers a sweeter sandwich, fear not! Spread peanut butter and jelly in between sliced bananas, and then poke through with your skewer. Don’t forget to cut the pointed end off after assembling*


It’s hard to win the #waronsugar so long as desserts exist. However, we know one healthy dessert recipe that’s guaranteed to please your kids and taste great at the same time. Yoghurt bark is often made as a sweet frozen treat, however – we’ve come up with a way to create yoghurt bark that can be transported and eaten at any point of the day. Add yoghurt into a mixing bowl and combine with non-fat dry milk and a bit of butter. This will thicken the consistency of the yoghurt so that your child can bring it to school with them. Then, using fresh or dried berries, nuts, coconut shreds, seeds or more – sprinkle your desired toppings into the mixture. Line a flat baking tray with wax paper, pour your mixture in and pop it into the freezer.


No meal is complete without a beverage to wash it all down. Our 250ml bottle sizes are perfect for kids and are packed with vitamins! The best part is, our exotic flavours are tastier than sugar-filled juices and your child will have fun releasing the flavour from our bottle cap technology!


Marathon Moments

With the London Marathon gone for another year, it’s had us reminiscing about the amazing marathon success stories that have happened over the years – hence we’ve collected some of our favourite inspirational moments in history to share with you!

Rick Hoyt

When you think about marathons and success stories, we think this man’s name pops up in everyone’s mind, and for a good reason! Rick Hoyt was born a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy. Rick didn’t let his condition stop him, and though he couldn’t talk, his parents worked with a group of engineers to have a special computer built to help him communicate. In 1977 he told his father he wanted to participate in a 5-mile race for a lacrosse player who was paralyzed in an accident, thus Rick’s participation in marathons began! Him and his father Dick are now known infamously, as Team Hoyt!

Dean Karnazes

He has been dubbed the “ultramarathon man” for his bizarre ability to run continuously! One of his biggest achievements was when he completed 50 marathons, in 50 days, in 50 states! His hard work and determination helped raise $100,000 for his children’s charity, Karno Kids. His record for continuous miles it currently at 350, and he once run a 200 mile relay race as a one man team! If that’s not impressive, we don’t know what is!

Amy Palmiero-Winters

This remarkable woman lost the lower part of her leg as a result of a motorcycle accident, but that hasn’t stopped her from achieving great things! Amy holds the marathon world record for the fastest female below the knee amputee. Not only that, she is the first female amputee to finish the Badwater Ultramarathon, which is a legendary 135 mile race in California. Since all of this success, she has started the One Step Ahead Foundation, which is dedicated to helping children with physical disabilities.