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Kid’s Country Day 2016


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We bring you some exciting Hey Like Wow news this week; this Friday we will be joining in at the Kids Country event at the East of England Peterborough Showground! Kids Country is an academic event designed to engage school children in all things countryside be it farming, natural foods or animals. Naturally, we thought we’d join in on the fun and help to teach children about the benefits of sugar free living, and a balanced life style.

Hey Like Wow vitamin waters come in a variety of exotic flavours and are all packed full of vitamins to you give a natural energy boost without the need for caffeine or added sugars. Our drinks come in a range of sizes; the 500ml and the smaller 250ml which is perfect for a healthy drink to accompany a school packed lunch! We want kids to know they can enjoy a delicious beverage without a whole heap of nasty added sugars.

Hey Like Wow will be one of many interactive stalls available for the kids to get involved in and we’re proud to stand alongside other great health conscious vendors. If you’re not attending the Kid’s Country Day this time, but you’re interested to know more about us we will be at The Allergy and Free From show in London soon too. The show runs from the 8-10th of July, so keep your eyes peeled for more details on this on the blog next week!


Flavour Profile: The Mango


This week we’re breaking down why mango is one of our favourite flavours here at Hey Like Wow, we like it so much that it’s in two of our drinks: tangy, Mango & Passionfruit, and the tropical, Mango, Coconut & Lime. Mangoes are actually the most popular fruit in the world, and here’s why…

Originating from southern Asia, the mango is known for its unique creamy flavour, what you may not know is that mangoes are packed full of over 20 vitamins and minerals! In fact, when you eat a whole mango you’re getting 97% of your RDA of vitamin C. These vitamins and minerals help your hair and skin be as healthy as they can be- remember beauty starts on the inside. Vitamin A helps keep your immune system strong and functioning, and vitamin C helps our body to heal and recover quickly when it needs to!

Mangoes also give you a healthy dose of vitamin K, which is key to keeping your bones healthy and strong. If its energy you’re lacking then mangoes are what you need- they’re full of B vitamins too, which are great for combatting fatigue. They’re full of antioxidants as well, one of which is zeaxanthin which helps keeps your eyes bright and healthy well into old age.

Let the flavours of our delicious Mango flavoured vitamin waters transport you to a tropical island without the use of any added sugars! It’s packed full of goodness, just like eating a fresh mango. Each bottle gives you a dose of vitamins B6, C and D, making it the perfect guilt-free energy booster.


4 Ways to Get Your Dad Outdoors This Father’s Day


  1. Birdies Crazy Golf Club / Roof East, Stratford

Golf with a twist: you’ll be putting on a trendy rooftop space, Roof East, so you and Dad can soak up some fresh air enjoying views of the Queen’s Elizabeth Olympic Park. If you work up an appetite on the course there are some cool street food options to choose from, but make sure you bring your favourite flavour of Hey Like Wow to keep hydrated and stocked up on vitamins.


  1. Up at the 02 Father’s Day Special / The 02 Arena, Greenwich

For the thrill-seeking father this climb up the 02 arena is the perfect special activity for Father’s Day. Enjoy spectacular views of London and hear serial adventurer James Ketchell tell some inspiring tales from the viewing platform, 52m above ground level. This will be a Father’s Day Dad won’t forget! Book Tickets here:


  1. A 10k Run in the Country / Trust10 at Saltram, Devon

Fancy an escape from the city, and some fresh countryside air? Then challenge you and your old man to a 10k run in a beautiful setting, National Trust property Saltram are hosting a Father’s Day 10k in their picturesque grounds. Keep hydrated and enjoy the scenery.


  1. The Arch Climbing Wall / The Biscuit Factory, London

Now this one is a cheat- technically it isn’t outdoors, but it’s perfect for if the weather fails you! The Arch Climbing Wall has a staggering 11,000+ square feet of bouldering, dozens of circuits offering hundreds of climbs. It is a this is one of the biggest bouldering facilities in London and the UK. Once you’ve worked up a sweat climbing have a Hey Like Wow to help you cool down post-exercise, every drink is optimised with B6, C and D to help you maintain those muscles!




Gym Essentials: 101

By the time you’ve dragged your feet out of bed and convinced yourself that you’d rather go to the gym than lie in bed and watch Netflix, you’re faced with the challenge of what to pack in your gym bag. Ok, stop stressing. We’re here to give you a play by play of EXACTLY what it is you need to fulfil all your cross-trainer, running machine and lunging dreams with the ultimate gym guide.

  1. A Good Hydrated Energy Boost

This is where we come in! You’ll need to have an amazingly energetic mindset to give your all at the gym, to really embrace that burn and that’s where we can help! Healthy hydration on the go has never been so exciting, with a range of flavours to choose from we can assure you’ll never get bored (or feel too tired to get up and get out!)

  1. A Pre Workout Meal

 A pre workout meal is essential to getting the most out of all that energy you have built up inside of you. The best way to eat some of those yummy carbs you’re told to avoid is to eat them before the gym! Next time you’re prepping for a workout make yourself some whole-wheat toast with banana or if you’re not one to want a meal before the gym, whip yourself up a protein shake with protein powder and a mix of berries! You’ll be raring to go! 

  1. A Good Pair of Trainers

Good pair of trainers that mold to your feet are absolutely essential to a good workout, how are you meant to do jumping squats with a pair of flip-flops?

  1. Your Phone/iPod/Mp3 Player/ Walkman/Record Player and Headphones

Just like movies, workouts are nothing without a good soundtrack, after all who wants to be running on level 13 without feeling like a strong independent woman *who run the world*

  1. A Change of Clothing/Underwear

 Not really much of an explanation needed! No one wants to look like a sweaty mess on the walk home! Remember to pack some comfy clothing that won’t restrict your blood flow or make you swear too much, you’ve just done enough of that!






5 Activities To Get You And Your Kids Out Of The House

It goes without saying that all children need at least half an hour, to an hours worth of “active time” per day. This however doesn’t usually happen and with summer coming around the corner, more and more families choose staying indoors, over getting active outdoors. We’ve created a list of top five activities to inspire you and your family to get up and get moving over the summer period.


1) Adventure Trail

The easiest of all five, the adventure trail is fun for both parent, and child. Create your own in your back garden or visit the many forest trails around the UK.


2) Camping Outdoors

There’s no need to travel far by creating a mini camp in your garden. This is an easy way to get the kids outside where they’re more likely to be active. Set up tents and create a healthy picnic with Hey Like Wow while spending the afternoon playing rounders or badminton.

3) Build a Mini Olympics

With the 2016 Rio Olympics coming up, why not get the whole family involved with a day of competing in your own mini Olympics? Egg and spoon races and mini marathons will keep everyone happy all day long.

4) Create family art
Why not take a sunny afternoon out, put on some old clothes and gather paints, a large canvas and brushes and create a family mural? However, incorporate active elements to the process, whether that be tossing homemade paintballs made with eggshells or running and dripping paint on a laid down canvas.

5) Go ape

Finally if your budget is bigger, join the hundreds of families who flock to Go Ape every year! With tree top climbing and zip wires there’s plenty for all the family to do. Just remember to stay hydrated, and most importantly, have fun!