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The Truth Behind Sugar and Heart Disease


In a shocking new report, it has been found that a sugar lobby group paid scientists to underplay the role of sugar in heart disease. Researchers for the 1960s study, who were influential scientists of the period, were found to have been bribed by the sugar industry and asked to place the blame for heart disease squarely at the door of dietary fat.

Although the original study is now decades old, what it highlights is the 50 year struggle to unearth the true negative health effects of sugar. During the review, it has been shown that the three Harvard scientists involved each received the equivalent of $50,000 in today’s money to skew the results and overlook sugar as a contributory factor to coronary heart disease.

The biggest problem that is faced, even today, is the sheer amount of food company sponsored research. This huge influence on nutrition science is inevitably holding us back from the truth about processed food and drinks. Each company has their own agenda, and will likely find favourable results from a study that they have helped to fund.

What this means is that it is difficult to know which reports and products to truly trust. This is why we have worked so hard to prove our commitment to health. By applying to be a Sugarwise approved product, we wanted our customers to know that when we say we are sugar free, we mean it. Equally, our attendance at events such as the Allergy and Free-From Show this year again highlights our commitment to a truly transparent drink.

We want consumers to know exactly what they put in their bodies and choose products that actively benefit them. As well as removing everything that is bad, we also pump Hey Like Wow full of good too. In an industry where reports don’t always tell the whole story, choose products that you can guarantee the health benefits of.


What is the sugar tax?

sugarThe battle against childhood obesity in the UK came to the forefront of everyone’s mind recently when the Government released its new strategy aiming to tackle this important issue.

The strategy came under criticism and was deemed weak: it only asked for the food and drink industry to join in the fight on a voluntary basis. Jamie Oliver, healthy eating campaigner and school dinner reformist, branded the Government’s efforts a travesty. Jamie didn’t hold back in his criticism and told the Radio Times he thought that “Everything about the childhood obesity strategy that’s just come out is a complete stinking herring. It’s a terrible job Theresa May’s done there.”

One key positive point to pull from the Government’s plan was what’s called the The Soft Drinks Industry Levy. Sounds complicated right? Well it’s not really; all this means is that the Government are calling on soft drinks companies, to reduce the amount of sugar in their products.

Here at Hey Like Wow we’re committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle, always, and to honour this we have made all of our drinks completely sugar free. You won’t find a single grain of sugar in any of our products (we’re pretty proud, can you tell?).

The Levy, or ‘sugar tax’ as it’s often called will mean that companies that choose not to reduce the sugar content of their drinks will face a tax on their products from the government.

In the midst of all this legislation one thing is clear; sugar is awful for our health, and it’s best to avoid it where possible. Rather than pumping your body full of chemicals and nasties, grab a Hey Like Wow drink which is not only completely sugar free, but also enriched with the goodness of vitamins and calcium.


Hey Like Wow Nominated in the Drum Dream Awards!

aaeaaqaaaaaaaai5aaaajdgyowy5mzi0lwvmotytndgyos05zjdklthhyjfkztnmmmyzzqWe received the fantastic news this week that Hey Like Wow have been nominated for a Packaging Design category award in the Drum Dream Awards!

The Drum Dream Awards recognise creative work that needs to be ‘shouted from the rooftops’. They are about celebrating creative concepts and championing the companies who are brave enough to embrace them. They understand that to be considered a great brand, and to develop marketing campaigns that have a lasting impact, you must build relationships with your consumers.

Hey Like Wow are completely consumer focussed in everything we do, from the drink we have developed, to the bottle we share it in. This is why we are so pleased that our branding has been recognised as equally customer friendly.

There are a whole host of sector categories for the awards, and we have been selected in one of the most hotly contested of them all. Coming up against dessert giants, Gü and sparkling alcoholic drink, Twisted Halo, won’t be easy, but we back Hey Like Wow and our unique, expressive brand design to shine through.

The great thing about the award is that it takes into account every aspect of our product’s design, as well as how it is shared across multiple channels, platforms and touch points. In addition to the packaging design, name creation and brand identity, the Drum Dream Awards have also assessed the Hey Like Wow bottle design, identifying the cap as a major innovation.

The Drum Dream Awards winners are announced at a ceremony in October. We will let you know how we get on!


10 Ways To Get Yourself To The Gym When You Don’t Feel Like It



So it’s one of those days again. Your humanity (aka glorious laziness), has gotten the best of you and the gym now seems like a distant memory from the good old days when you were filled with motivation and energy. Yes, it happens to the best of us. The good news is, you can fight this feeling with minimum effort and spectacular results, and we’ve got 10 different ways to get you going!




  1. Celebrate the power of music: They don’t call it sonic therapy for nothing! Create a killer playlist and resurrect your lost appetite for exercise.
  2. Prep your body: If your body gets in the mood, your mind will follow. So make sure to nurture it the right way. A delicious bowl of oatmeal and a Hey Like Wow Mango & Passionfruit bottle will keep you full and hydrated!
  3. Dress the part: A little mind-play goes a long way. It’s the oldest trick in the book of motivation but we swear if you just put on your best gym outfit you won’t believe how fast you’ll hop on that treadmill!
  4. YouTube, your best friend: Not in the mood to step out of the house? Fitness vloggers are only a click away from your best exercise session!
  5. Sneak exercise in your daily routine: You don’t have to make it official. Take the stairs today, or park your car a little further from your work. Every calorie counts!
  6. Get yourself a reward: Promise yourself something exciting if you go to the gym. Just make sure it’s not an edible prize!
  7. Surround yourself with inspiration: Make a visual mood board of your final goals. Pinterest is an endless pool of inspiration and the best platform for the job.
  8. Commit publicly: You are men and women of your word and once you give it, you have to stick to it! So make your gym plans known!
  9. Track your success: Make a journal and note down how far you’ve come. You won’t feel like breaking your strike afterwards!
  10. Buddy up: Whether that is a friend or a colleague, find the partner in crime who will pull you up when you’re feeling low!






Hey Like Wow Joins Sugarwise in Supporting Childhood Obesity Strategy

Hey Like Wow Joins Sugarwise in Supporting Childhood Obesity Strategy

Following recent publication of the Government’s ‘Childhood obesity; a plan for action’ strategy, Hey Like Wow would like to join our friends at Sugarwise in supporting the scheme. We believe that any strategy that encourages the uptake of lower sugar alternatives must be backed.

However, along with many health organisations and other healthy food and drink manufacturers, we also feel that this should only be viewed as the first step in the process. There are still a number of important changes the Government can and should be making that haven’t yet been addressed. We would argue that the availability of low sugar or no added sugar drinks as a promoted alternative to consumers, should be top of the list.

In the document produced earlier this month, there is no legislation referring to restrictions on ‘junk food’ advertising. One of the key issues that has frequently been raised by health campaigners, has centred around the impact that these adverts are having on children. The fact that the report has failed to address marketing restrictions is one of the main reasons we believe the strategy is incomplete.

There are of course many positives too. The emphasis being placed on greater physical activity in primary schools is encouraging, with pupils to get at least 60 minutes of exercise a day, both inside and outside of school.

There is also a voluntary scheme for the food industry to reformulate children’s products, to ensure a 20% cut in sugar. This reduction has been recommended for products such as yoghurts, sweets, breads and desserts. Although the word ‘voluntary’ is a little troubling, it is hoped that the industry will take on board the recommendations and make the necessary changes.

At Hey Like Wow, we feel encouraged by what has been proposed. However, we are in no way complacent, and will continue to fight for further development of the strategy, which will hopefully result in a more robust and comprehensive scheme.