Why we LOVE Coconuts!

Coconuts not only taste great, but also the benefits of coconuts make it an obvious choice to use for cooking and consumption!

This week, we’re exploring the history of the coconut and why in fact it is often considered a superfood! Way back when, Portuguese explorers on the tropical islands throughout the Indian Ocean discovered the Coconut. They named it “coquo”(coco) meaning “small animal” as they thought the three dark spots on the coconut shell reminded them of a grinning monkey! Fast forward several years later, and coconuts are in high demand, with the Philippines and Indonesia supplying 85% of the world’s coconut exports!

So why are coconuts in such high demand? For their health benefits of course! For one thing, they help prevent obesity by speeding up the metabolism… and who doesn’t love that! Coconuts reduce sweet cravings because the healthy fats in the coconut slow down any rise in blood sugar which helps reduce hypoglycemic cravings. Coconuts also lower cholesterol, improve digestion, ward off wrinkles and fights infections!

In terms of beauty, coconut oil is great for your hair and skin, keeping your skin hydrated and preventing breakage for your hair!

On top of all this, coconut genuinely tastes delicious so it’s no surprise we’ve incorporated coconut flavor in our Hey Like Wow beverages. If you’re a fan of coconut just like us, you must try it in our Mango, Lime & Coconut Soft Drink – we guarantee you’ll love it!