The Truth Behind Sugar and Heart Disease


In a shocking new report, it has been found that a sugar lobby group paid scientists to underplay the role of sugar in heart disease. Researchers for the 1960s study, who were influential scientists of the period, were found to have been bribed by the sugar industry and asked to place the blame for heart disease squarely at the door of dietary fat.

Although the original study is now decades old, what it highlights is the 50 year struggle to unearth the true negative health effects of sugar. During the review, it has been shown that the three Harvard scientists involved each received the equivalent of $50,000 in today’s money to skew the results and overlook sugar as a contributory factor to coronary heart disease.

The biggest problem that is faced, even today, is the sheer amount of food company sponsored research. This huge influence on nutrition science is inevitably holding us back from the truth about processed food and drinks. Each company has their own agenda, and will likely find favourable results from a study that they have helped to fund.

What this means is that it is difficult to know which reports and products to truly trust. This is why we have worked so hard to prove our commitment to health. By applying to be a Sugarwise approved product, we wanted our customers to know that when we say we are sugar free, we mean it. Equally, our attendance at events such as the Allergy and Free-From Show this year again highlights our commitment to a truly transparent drink.

We want consumers to know exactly what they put in their bodies and choose products that actively benefit them. As well as removing everything that is bad, we also pump Hey Like Wow full of good too. In an industry where reports don’t always tell the whole story, choose products that you can guarantee the health benefits of.


The Allergy & Free From Show 2016

Allergy Show July 2016 Hey Like Wow

This weekend saw the Hey Like Wow team heading to the The Allergy & Free From Show in London, did you catch us there? We came with some delicious samples of our tasty and exotic vitamin water drinks, and explained to the crowds that attended why sugar-free living is so much easier and tastier with Hey Like Wow!

Allergy Show July 2016 Hey Like Wow

The annual show allows those who live with allergies, or who choose to avoid certain foods to come along and try out products made just for them, experience free-from cooking classes and hear experts talk about living ‘free-from’. We were so impressed with all the amazing options on show; it proved that living with a free-from diet doesn’t have to be difficult or boring!

This year for the first time the The Allergy & Free From Show added a whole area dedicated to sugar free items, the ‘No Added Zone’. It’s safe to say Hey Like Wow felt right at home here: all our products are not only free from sugars but preservatives too.

We brought along some samples for those who love to live a sugar-free life to try. All of our exotic flavoured vitamin water drinks are packed with vitamins to naturally boost your energy without the need for nasty, unnatural sugars or caffeine. Studies have shown that sugar can be extremely addictive, and a difficult habit to break. One way to take a step towards a sugar-free life is by swapping your favourite sugary soft drinks for a sweet but healthy alternative. Hey Like Wow drinks are the perfect stepping stone for you to start a healthier, more balanced diet.


Flavour Profile: The Mango


This week we’re breaking down why mango is one of our favourite flavours here at Hey Like Wow, we like it so much that it’s in two of our drinks: tangy, Mango & Passionfruit, and the tropical, Mango, Coconut & Lime. Mangoes are actually the most popular fruit in the world, and here’s why…

Originating from southern Asia, the mango is known for its unique creamy flavour, what you may not know is that mangoes are packed full of over 20 vitamins and minerals! In fact, when you eat a whole mango you’re getting 97% of your RDA of vitamin C. These vitamins and minerals help your hair and skin be as healthy as they can be- remember beauty starts on the inside. Vitamin A helps keep your immune system strong and functioning, and vitamin C helps our body to heal and recover quickly when it needs to!

Mangoes also give you a healthy dose of vitamin K, which is key to keeping your bones healthy and strong. If its energy you’re lacking then mangoes are what you need- they’re full of B vitamins too, which are great for combatting fatigue. They’re full of antioxidants as well, one of which is zeaxanthin which helps keeps your eyes bright and healthy well into old age.

Let the flavours of our delicious Mango flavoured vitamin waters transport you to a tropical island without the use of any added sugars! It’s packed full of goodness, just like eating a fresh mango. Each bottle gives you a dose of vitamins B6, C and D, making it the perfect guilt-free energy booster.


ICYMI: Food & Drink Expo 2016

Did you miss us in Birmingham last week? Not to worry, we are here to give you all the details on the event!
For two decades the Food & Drink Expo has provided a vibrant platform to touch, taste and experience an exciting and eclectic mix of undiscovered brands and household names alike.

The Food & Drink Expo and its co-located shows bring together over 1200 suppliers plus 100 informative sessions from more than 250 experts across the country! As it was our first time participating, we were there giving out our new range of healthy Hey Like Wow drinks for all to try!

We heard so much great feedback and met so many wonderful people! It was great to inform ticket holders about the health benefits of our product and it was amusing to see them try their hand at our new cap technology. In case you are unsure of how our Hey Like Wow beverages work, just remember to PUSH it, SHAKE it, LIVE it. By pushing the red button on the top of the bottle, you are releasing all the flavours, vitamins and goodness into the mineral water. After that, shake it up and watch the colour infuse in the liquid. The last step of course, is to drink and enjoy!

Here are some snaps of the Expo: