10 Ways To Get Yourself To The Gym When You Don’t Feel Like It



So it’s one of those days again. Your humanity (aka glorious laziness), has gotten the best of you and the gym now seems like a distant memory from the good old days when you were filled with motivation and energy. Yes, it happens to the best of us. The good news is, you can fight this feeling with minimum effort and spectacular results, and we’ve got 10 different ways to get you going!




  1. Celebrate the power of music: They don’t call it sonic therapy for nothing! Create a killer playlist and resurrect your lost appetite for exercise.
  2. Prep your body: If your body gets in the mood, your mind will follow. So make sure to nurture it the right way. A delicious bowl of oatmeal and a Hey Like Wow Mango & Passionfruit bottle will keep you full and hydrated!
  3. Dress the part: A little mind-play goes a long way. It’s the oldest trick in the book of motivation but we swear if you just put on your best gym outfit you won’t believe how fast you’ll hop on that treadmill!
  4. YouTube, your best friend: Not in the mood to step out of the house? Fitness vloggers are only a click away from your best exercise session!
  5. Sneak exercise in your daily routine: You don’t have to make it official. Take the stairs today, or park your car a little further from your work. Every calorie counts!
  6. Get yourself a reward: Promise yourself something exciting if you go to the gym. Just make sure it’s not an edible prize!
  7. Surround yourself with inspiration: Make a visual mood board of your final goals. Pinterest is an endless pool of inspiration and the best platform for the job.
  8. Commit publicly: You are men and women of your word and once you give it, you have to stick to it! So make your gym plans known!
  9. Track your success: Make a journal and note down how far you’ve come. You won’t feel like breaking your strike afterwards!
  10. Buddy up: Whether that is a friend or a colleague, find the partner in crime who will pull you up when you’re feeling low!






Celebrating 4 Awesome Women in Sport


For a long time stereotypes have meant that men have crossed the finish line ahead of women when it comes to respect in the sporting world. Challenges are still being met, but awesome sportswomen are working hard to break down these barriers they face. There are so many ambitious and accomplished sports women to admire, and this week we’re celebrating 4 of the most successful women in sport.

Serena Williams

The American tennis star is ranked number one in women’s singles tennis. Serena won Wimbledon last year, and she’s been training hard and keeping her diet in check to prepare for this year’s tournament. Serena loves to eat clean and tries to stick to raw and natural foods. Serena has said she avoids the word ‘diet’ and instead likes to think about making long-term healthy lifestyle choices, you go girl!

Jessica Ennis-Hill

Jessica is one of the UK’s best athletes and has worked hard to earn her stripes as the nation’s sweetheart: she made us proud when she won gold in the 2012 Olympics in the heptathlon. The mum-of-one loves exotic fruits to snack on when she’s busy training: dried mango and kiwis are her favorite.

Maria Sharapova

Sharapova is a woman who believes in balance. She’s one of the world’s top tennis players and she famously has a sweet tooth which launched her business high-end sweet company Sugarpova. But the Russian knows that sugar should be a treat, not a part of your daily diet. Maria trains six hours a day to prepare for tournaments, and keeps her diet clean too, green smoothies as a healthy snack.

Ellie Simmonds

Paralympic swimmer Ellie was the youngest athlete to compete in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics: Ellie now 21 was born with achondroplasia, a bone growth disorder that causes dwarfism. At just 13 years old Ellie won two gold medals for team GB, and she will head to Rio this summer to compete for team GB once again. Ellie admits she has a sweet tooth, but eats sugary treats in strict moderation to keep super healthy when training.


Gym Essentials: 101

By the time you’ve dragged your feet out of bed and convinced yourself that you’d rather go to the gym than lie in bed and watch Netflix, you’re faced with the challenge of what to pack in your gym bag. Ok, stop stressing. We’re here to give you a play by play of EXACTLY what it is you need to fulfil all your cross-trainer, running machine and lunging dreams with the ultimate gym guide.

  1. A Good Hydrated Energy Boost

This is where we come in! You’ll need to have an amazingly energetic mindset to give your all at the gym, to really embrace that burn and that’s where we can help! Healthy hydration on the go has never been so exciting, with a range of flavours to choose from we can assure you’ll never get bored (or feel too tired to get up and get out!)

  1. A Pre Workout Meal

 A pre workout meal is essential to getting the most out of all that energy you have built up inside of you. The best way to eat some of those yummy carbs you’re told to avoid is to eat them before the gym! Next time you’re prepping for a workout make yourself some whole-wheat toast with banana or if you’re not one to want a meal before the gym, whip yourself up a protein shake with protein powder and a mix of berries! You’ll be raring to go! 

  1. A Good Pair of Trainers

Good pair of trainers that mold to your feet are absolutely essential to a good workout, how are you meant to do jumping squats with a pair of flip-flops?

  1. Your Phone/iPod/Mp3 Player/ Walkman/Record Player and Headphones

Just like movies, workouts are nothing without a good soundtrack, after all who wants to be running on level 13 without feeling like a strong independent woman *who run the world*

  1. A Change of Clothing/Underwear

 Not really much of an explanation needed! No one wants to look like a sweaty mess on the walk home! Remember to pack some comfy clothing that won’t restrict your blood flow or make you swear too much, you’ve just done enough of that!