Preventing dental decay in Children

Preventing dental decay in Children, by Nutritionist Sonal Shah 

According to Public Health England nearly half of eight-year-olds and a third of five-year-olds have signs of decay in their teeth. This is shockingly high and can impact a child’s overall health. Early childhood tooth decay can cause pain, making it hard for them to sleep, eat or speak. It can also affect her ability to concentrate and learn. Children who develop dental decay at an early age are more likely to suffer from it throughout childhood. According to the National Smile Month Organisation (2017), dental erosion is a public health burden and is estimated to cost 5.8 billion a year on dental treatment alone in the UK.

Dental decay is characterised by the loss of mineral ions from the tooth caused by the presence of bacteria in plaque and their acidic by-products. Early mineral loss also known as demineralisation is only visible microscopically, but further loss becomes evident in enamel as a chalky appearance on the tooth – a white spot lesion. The process is when bacterial plaque builds up on the tooth surface when sugars enter the mouth. The acids accumulate in the plaque layer and start to demineralise the tooth. Acid foods and drinks, with a pH value lower than 5.5 can cause erosion. These include: fizzy drinks, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, and fruit. There has been a rise increase in soft drink consumption over the last 25 years. Moreover, many drinks have added sugars to them, which is further detrimental to teeth health. Drinking fruit juices is not a healthier option over drinking fizzy drinks as both are harmful to teeth.

There are a number of things you can do to improve your child’s oral health:

  • Ensuring they brush their teeth, twice a day. Last thing at night and at least one other time during the day, with fluoride toothpaste. Use a small-headed brush with soft bristles.
  • Taking your children and yourself to the dentist frequently. Their healthcare is free so instilling this is important.
  • Avoiding or reducing consumption of fizzy drinks, sodas and pops. Opting to choose still water drinks like Hey Like Wow’s vitamin infused waters and encouraging them to drink more water.
  • Finish a meal with cheese or milk as this helps neutralise the acids from food and drinks.
  • Waiting at least one hour after eating or drinking anything acidic before brushing teeth. This gives your teeth time to build up their mineral content again.

Making the most of your pumpkin after Halloween

In the UK, 7 million tonnes of food and drink are wasted per household every year. That’s more than we throw away in packaging, and equates to £470 a year, or if you’re in a family with children, £700 per year. That’s £60 every month going in the bin!

This Halloween, a large proportion of our pumpkin lanterns will end up adding to this number, but considering their nutritional breakdown, you can try something new instead!

One cup of boiled pumpkin is overflowing with Vitamin A, making up well over 100% of our daily recommended amount. It also contains Vitamins C, E, B6, potassium, copper, iron and magnesium.

At Hey Like Wow, the thought of rejecting these vital vitamins and nutrients goes against our nature, so we’ve put together a selection of ways to use our Halloween pumpkins in delicious and exciting ways to ensure they don’t end up in the bin. To support what we gain from pumpkins, try any one of our exotic flavoured drinks, which additionally includes vitamin D while remaining sugar free and without any artificial preservatives, colours or sweeteners.

1 Pumpkin crisps

Although crisps don’t sound like a healthy snack, if you make them yourself and bake them instead of frying, they can be! You can also adapt this recipe to make regular potato crisps, or sweet potato, butternut squash, parsnip crisps, etc.

2 Pumpkin soup

A classic for a reason, pumpkin soup is exceptionally simple to make, and makes for an uplifting meal as the weather gets colder outside. Soup particularly benefits from being made in a slow cooker, if you have one, as the slow, gentle heat really draws out all of the natural flavours.

(Also, check out the mouth-watering roasted pumpkin pasta salad he describes in the beginning paragraph!)

3 Pumpkin salad?

I’m not sure if you can class this as a salad, or just a delicious medley. The unusual combination of flavours of sweet honey, sour cherries and salty feta is contrasting yet complimentary, making for a fresh yet comforting main or side.

4 Pumpkin purée

Often when looking to make pumpkin based desserts, the recipe calls for pumpkin purée. Or, any other baking recipe will ask for oil or butter at some stage. You can make up a whole batch of pumpkin purée and freeze it, and use in replacement of oil or butter in any recipe! (This is a particularly delicious combination when baking banana bread).

5 Pumpkin seeds

Make sure you’re using every part of the pumpkin by roasting the seeds, even if what you’re making doesn’t require them. You can add them to a warm vegetable salad, scatter over soup or baked foods, or if you add other flavourings, have them on their own as a snack packed with essential minerals such as zinc and magnesium!

Any way you use them, pumpkins are a valuable source of nutrients and to waste them would be the true horror of Halloween. Let us know your own ideas on how you plan to cook up and eat the pumpkin poltergeist of your household!

How To Get Kids Active This Autumn

As we start to say goodbye to the sunshine, it is time to be a little more creative with how we get children outdoors, so that they get their daily dose of vitamin D. At Hey Like Wow, every single one of our drinks contain this vital vitamin, along with vitamins C and B6 too. This means that all you have to worry about is making sure your kids exercise too!

There are some children who don’t like the idea of playing sport, and that’s okay! There are plenty of other ways to make sure that they are getting the fresh air and movement they need to have a healthy start to life.


There are endless different types of walks you can do! A nature walk takes you along a nature trail and allows for kids to work their imagination, as they discover new items to learn about. Bring a bag so you can collect as you go!

A colour walk is also an innovative way to get the kids out and excited about exercising. Choose your colour at the beginning of your walk and allow your children to run ahead and begin the hunt for everything that matches it. Try taking a picture of each item they find, as a way of keeping track.

If you have a dog, and friends who do too, then why not arrange to get together and walk as a group? Exercise is far more fun with friends, and dogs always provide great entertainment!


A surprisingly physical activity, gardening is great when you want to stay a little closer to home. Studies have also shown that kids who garden have healthier eating habits. Besides, we all know kids love anything that gets them muddy, so it makes for the perfect activity. A simple start would be growing cress, or planting some bulbs so that they can enjoy the anticipation of watching them bloom the following spring!

Scavenger hunt

Devise a list of objects and send your kids out on the hunt! Conkers, acorns or chestnuts are great seasonal ideas! Take it a step further and hide your own objects. Provide a treasure map, set a time limit to ramp up the excitement and get those children running around!

Apple Orchard

This activity has a double-whammy benefit, as not only does the whole family get to enjoy the outdoors, you also come home with a basket of apples! You could give the kids a target number of apples to get in a certain time, or leave them to their own devices, as they run through the trees and reach (or jump!) to pick them.


A new form of treasure hunting, geocaching works by using a GPS enabled phone to guide you around your area, to find real life hidden treasures! By entering your postcode, you are provided with a list of nearby locations where a geocache is hidden. Simply enter the location on your GPS device and find what has been left for you, and leave other treasures for fellow geocachers.

A healthy lifestyle is the balance between diet and exercise, and here at Hey Like Wow we don’t think that children should miss out on either. Try some of these outdoor activities with your little ones today and let us know about your day!

Time To Boost Your Immune System

Christmas may be over, but the cold and flu season is still going strong. It arrives as if by magic with the colder, darker days, and outstays its welcome long into the New Year. No matter where you go, it feels like there is no escape from sniffling strangers, coughing colleagues, and sneezing siblings.

With the average sneeze containing approximately 40,000 droplets and an average cough 3,000, it’s no wonder that viruses can spread so quickly. These droplets can reach speeds of over 200mph, travelling from one side of a room to another in a flash! Most of us spend a lot of time indoors and in closer contact with one another during these colder months, making it even more difficult to avoid these nasty germs.

To top it off, researchers have also found that smaller droplets can remain in the air for hours or even days, and are often more potent in dry air conditions. Considering how much time we spend in centrally heated houses and offices during the coldest months of the year, each and everyone one of us is most likely exposed to a vast array of these pathogens on a regular basis. Having the heating on also dries out the cells that line the nose and throat, making it even easier for these bugs to launch their attack.

Reduced levels of immune boosting vitamins can result in the body being more vulnerable to infection, leaving us feeling miserable, and reaching for the tissues and throat lozenges. Nobody likes feeling sick, which is why it is necessary to try to prevent becoming infected in the first place.

A healthy immune system is the best defence that the body has against bacteria, microbes and viruses. Vitamins B6, C and D, all positively contribute to a healthy body, and each play an important role in boosting our immune system.

Vitamin B6 is required for both mental and physical health and is crucial for the development and maintenance of the immune system, whilst vitamin C plays a significant role in enhancing immune cell functions. As the body itself cannot produce vitamin C, it is especially important to make sure we include enough vitamin C in our diet. In addition, during the short days in winter, a lack of sunlight can result in a deficiency of vitamin D, which plays a vital role in supporting the body’s immune system. Studies suggest those who suffer from asthma or emphysema may be particularly susceptible to respiratory infections from vitamin D deficiency, making this a crucial vitamin for keeping illness at bay.

Hey Like Wow works hard to support your health as each of our delicious soft drinks include 33% of your recommended daily intake of all of these immune-boosting vitamins. With mouth-watering flavours including Pomegranate and Acai, Lemon and Elderflower, and Mango, Lime and Coconut, supercharging your immune system has never tasted so good!