Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Summer holidays are rounding up, but the volatile English weather means we’ve still got to plan some activities for our kids on those rainy days. We’ve put together a chain of building, making, searching, and playing that doesn’t require parents venturing out into the rain to buy supplies to keep our kids entertained all day.

Hey Like Wow kids activities


  • Books and blankets den: To create your children’s own ‘No Parents Allowed’ den, the house and all its furniture is your oyster! Stack books on top of each other to create walls and drape a blanket over the top for a roof. Duvets, pillows, and cuddly toys add extra comfort, making for a great nap after playtime!


  • Painting: Want to keep your kids occupied for hours on end, but don’t have paint? Here’s what you can do; mix 1 cup salt, 1 cup flour, 1 cup water and food colouring to a bottle of ketchup, and have any colour of the rainbow at your disposal.
  • Armed with water guns but missing the summer sun? Fill them with paint instead and fire at a canvas propped on an easel. Lay down newspaper on your floors, and dress in your scruffiest gear before letting loose!
  • Rainbow pizza: Set aside the ice lollies and opt for something to keep your kids warm and cosy inside their dens. Top a pizza base with red and yellow Bell peppers, broccoli, sweetcorn, tomato, and red onions for a healthy meal packed with vitamins.
  • Find more recipes in our guide to Kid-Approved, Healthy and Fun Meal Ideas.


  • Treasure hunt: Help your kids get their recommended 5-a-day by hiding five fruits around the house and get creative giving your children clues to help discover them.

Play time! And don’t forget to give your kids a boost with their own Hey Like Wow drinks, packed with Vitamin B6, C and D!


4 Ways to Get Your Dad Outdoors This Father’s Day


  1. Birdies Crazy Golf Club / Roof East, Stratford

Golf with a twist: you’ll be putting on a trendy rooftop space, Roof East, so you and Dad can soak up some fresh air enjoying views of the Queen’s Elizabeth Olympic Park. If you work up an appetite on the course there are some cool street food options to choose from, but make sure you bring your favourite flavour of Hey Like Wow to keep hydrated and stocked up on vitamins. http://buff.ly/1S6W0oG


  1. Up at the 02 Father’s Day Special / The 02 Arena, Greenwich

For the thrill-seeking father this climb up the 02 arena is the perfect special activity for Father’s Day. Enjoy spectacular views of London and hear serial adventurer James Ketchell tell some inspiring tales from the viewing platform, 52m above ground level. This will be a Father’s Day Dad won’t forget! Book Tickets here: http://buff.ly/1S6WUBB


  1. A 10k Run in the Country / Trust10 at Saltram, Devon

Fancy an escape from the city, and some fresh countryside air? Then challenge you and your old man to a 10k run in a beautiful setting, National Trust property Saltram are hosting a Father’s Day 10k in their picturesque grounds. Keep hydrated and enjoy the scenery. http://buff.ly/1S6WgnA


  1. The Arch Climbing Wall / The Biscuit Factory, London

Now this one is a cheat- technically it isn’t outdoors, but it’s perfect for if the weather fails you! The Arch Climbing Wall has a staggering 11,000+ square feet of bouldering, dozens of circuits offering hundreds of climbs. It is a this is one of the biggest bouldering facilities in London and the UK. Once you’ve worked up a sweat climbing have a Hey Like Wow to help you cool down post-exercise, every drink is optimised with B6, C and D to help you maintain those muscles! http://buff.ly/1S6WhrE