Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Summer holidays are rounding up, but the volatile English weather means we’ve still got to plan some activities for our kids on those rainy days. We’ve put together a chain of building, making, searching, and playing that doesn’t require parents venturing out into the rain to buy supplies to keep our kids entertained all day.

Hey Like Wow kids activities


  • Books and blankets den: To create your children’s own ‘No Parents Allowed’ den, the house and all its furniture is your oyster! Stack books on top of each other to create walls and drape a blanket over the top for a roof. Duvets, pillows, and cuddly toys add extra comfort, making for a great nap after playtime!


  • Painting: Want to keep your kids occupied for hours on end, but don’t have paint? Here’s what you can do; mix 1 cup salt, 1 cup flour, 1 cup water and food colouring to a bottle of ketchup, and have any colour of the rainbow at your disposal.
  • Armed with water guns but missing the summer sun? Fill them with paint instead and fire at a canvas propped on an easel. Lay down newspaper on your floors, and dress in your scruffiest gear before letting loose!
  • Rainbow pizza: Set aside the ice lollies and opt for something to keep your kids warm and cosy inside their dens. Top a pizza base with red and yellow Bell peppers, broccoli, sweetcorn, tomato, and red onions for a healthy meal packed with vitamins.
  • Find more recipes in our guide to Kid-Approved, Healthy and Fun Meal Ideas.


  • Treasure hunt: Help your kids get their recommended 5-a-day by hiding five fruits around the house and get creative giving your children clues to help discover them.

Play time! And don’t forget to give your kids a boost with their own Hey Like Wow drinks, packed with Vitamin B6, C and D!


Kid’s Country Day 2016


corn kids

We bring you some exciting Hey Like Wow news this week; this Friday we will be joining in at the Kids Country event at the East of England Peterborough Showground! Kids Country is an academic event designed to engage school children in all things countryside be it farming, natural foods or animals. Naturally, we thought we’d join in on the fun and help to teach children about the benefits of sugar free living, and a balanced life style.

Hey Like Wow vitamin waters come in a variety of exotic flavours and are all packed full of vitamins to you give a natural energy boost without the need for caffeine or added sugars. Our drinks come in a range of sizes; the 500ml and the smaller 250ml which is perfect for a healthy drink to accompany a school packed lunch! We want kids to know they can enjoy a delicious beverage without a whole heap of nasty added sugars.

Hey Like Wow will be one of many interactive stalls available for the kids to get involved in and we’re proud to stand alongside other great health conscious vendors. If you’re not attending the Kid’s Country Day this time, but you’re interested to know more about us we will be at The Allergy and Free From show in London soon too. The show runs from the 8-10th of July, so keep your eyes peeled for more details on this on the blog next week!


5 Activities To Get You And Your Kids Out Of The House

It goes without saying that all children need at least half an hour, to an hours worth of “active time” per day. This however doesn’t usually happen and with summer coming around the corner, more and more families choose staying indoors, over getting active outdoors. We’ve created a list of top five activities to inspire you and your family to get up and get moving over the summer period.


1) Adventure Trail

The easiest of all five, the adventure trail is fun for both parent, and child. Create your own in your back garden or visit the many forest trails around the UK.


2) Camping Outdoors

There’s no need to travel far by creating a mini camp in your garden. This is an easy way to get the kids outside where they’re more likely to be active. Set up tents and create a healthy picnic with Hey Like Wow while spending the afternoon playing rounders or badminton.

3) Build a Mini Olympics

With the 2016 Rio Olympics coming up, why not get the whole family involved with a day of competing in your own mini Olympics? Egg and spoon races and mini marathons will keep everyone happy all day long.

4) Create family art
Why not take a sunny afternoon out, put on some old clothes and gather paints, a large canvas and brushes and create a family mural? However, incorporate active elements to the process, whether that be tossing homemade paintballs made with eggshells or running and dripping paint on a laid down canvas.

5) Go ape

Finally if your budget is bigger, join the hundreds of families who flock to Go Ape every year! With tree top climbing and zip wires there’s plenty for all the family to do. Just remember to stay hydrated, and most importantly, have fun!