Hey Like Wow: Kid-Approved, Healthy and Fun Meal Ideas

Our little ones’ bodies are developing and their minds expanding, so it is extremely important to fuel their bodies from the day’s start to finish. How? Here is a go-to daily meal plan, complete with fun and healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes which your children can make too!



  • Breakfast Banana Split: Cut one banana in half, add Greek yoghurt to the middle, and top with muesli, cereal, and fruit garnishes. A perfect balance of a low-fat, high-fibre, protein-packed meal, leaving your child feeling satisfied until lunch time! We love the Snap, Crackle, and Pop of low sugar Rice Krispies. Plus, fruits add to your kid’s recommended 5-a-day!



  • Five-Minute Fajitas: Mix last night’s chopped up leftover chicken, sliced onion and peppers. Separately, mix mashed avocado and a pinch of salt and pepper to make guacamole. Place altogether in mini tortilla and wrap!
  • Kale Chips: Wash and cut several kale leaves, chuck onto an oven tray, lightly spritz with coconut oil, leave in the oven for 12 minutes at 175°C after preheated, and sparingly salt once done. A perfect substitute for crisps and chips!

This meal is a fun way to mix your child’s greens and increase their vitamin intake!



  • Green Pizza: Top a pizza base with kale pesto and plenty of greens like spinach, olives, and broccoli. Before placing in the oven, sprinkle your pizza with mozzarella cheese. Yum!
  • Sweet Potato Chips: Slice a washed sweet potato into chip shapes, spritz with coconut oil and dash of salt. Dinner is served!
  • Fruit Kebab: Dessert? Push chopped fruit onto a wooden kebab skewer. Done!

And don’t forget to pair your favourite HeyLikeWow vitamin drink with each meal for vitamins and Calcium, keeping you healthy and hydrated!


Kids’ Meal Ideas

As a busy parent, creative and fun meal ideas can be tough, so we’ve come up with a few balanced lunches and snacks that your child will love and are quick to make so you can get on with your day!


Our first quick and easy snack suggestion is bento-style bits and bites. Using compartmentalized Tupperware of all shapes and sizes, pre-pack your child’s favourite finger foods. Cut up fruits and raw veggies to ensure your child gets his or her vitamins. Healthy dips such as hummus or sour cream can help make healthy eating more enjoyable. For protein, cut up boiled hot dogs and include a packet of ketchup or mustard. Cheese cubes and crackers, sliced boiled eggs and assorted seeds are other easy ideas to ensure your child gets their good fats, calcium and energy.

One of our favourite guilt free snacks is popcorn! Make your own popcorn the night before using coconut oil. Coconut oil contains good fat and not to mention, will give the popcorn a semi-sweet taste! Make a large enough batch to last the week, and then prepack the popcorn in paper bags. Pack these in your child’s lunch box with a few crayons, that way after they’ve finished eating their popcorn, they can decorate the paper bag and turn their rubbish into works of art!


Create a colourful kaleidoscope of goodness with tortilla wraps! Lay your tortilla wrap flat and apply a light layer of ranch or your child’s favourite dip. Using veggies of all different colours and consistencies, stagger peppers, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and the works all the way across the tortilla, leaving space at the end to close it off post rolling. Pulled apart chicken breast is definitely tasty in these rainbow rolls, however – as a time saver, you may always opt for cold cuts from the market!

If there’s one thing we know about kids, it is that they are unconventional in every possible way! Therefore, it’s only fitting they will enjoy the deconstructed sandwich! Using skewers, stack on whole wheat bread, cheese cubes, avocado, wrapped cold cuts and more to create your child’s favourite Sammy! Caprese sandwiches are easy to recreate with cherry tomatoes and bocconcini cheese. If your child prefers a sweeter sandwich, fear not! Spread peanut butter and jelly in between sliced bananas, and then poke through with your skewer. Don’t forget to cut the pointed end off after assembling*


It’s hard to win the #waronsugar so long as desserts exist. However, we know one healthy dessert recipe that’s guaranteed to please your kids and taste great at the same time. Yoghurt bark is often made as a sweet frozen treat, however – we’ve come up with a way to create yoghurt bark that can be transported and eaten at any point of the day. Add yoghurt into a mixing bowl and combine with non-fat dry milk and a bit of butter. This will thicken the consistency of the yoghurt so that your child can bring it to school with them. Then, using fresh or dried berries, nuts, coconut shreds, seeds or more – sprinkle your desired toppings into the mixture. Line a flat baking tray with wax paper, pour your mixture in and pop it into the freezer.


No meal is complete without a beverage to wash it all down. Our 250ml bottle sizes are perfect for kids and are packed with vitamins! The best part is, our exotic flavours are tastier than sugar-filled juices and your child will have fun releasing the flavour from our bottle cap technology!