Low Sugar Desserts


We all know the dangers of sugar. It has been proven to be the leading factor of both adult and childhood obesity, in addition to having strong links to high cholesterol and heart or liver disease.

Bottom line, sugar is as bad for you as you can get. It contains no nutrients, no protein, no healthy fats, and no enzymes.

Here at Hey Like Wow, we pride ourselves on only providing the good stuff, which is why every one of our soft drinks are packed with fresh, essential vitamins, and contain no artificial sweeteners!

However, as the nights are getting colder, we all need a little added comfort into our day. So, next time you’re after a sweet treat or a pleasing pud, check out our list of low-sugar desserts and indulge, safe in the knowledge you’re staying away from sugar!

  1. Strawberry Vanilla Bean Cheesecake


Not only is this cheesecake free of added sugar, it’s dairy-free, gluten-free, and bake-free too! Taking its sweetness from the natural sugars in dates, agave nectar, and the topped seasonal fruit, this vegan dessert is just as indulgent and delicious as the traditional recipe, only ten times healthier!

2. Carrot Cake Bars


Tried and tested by diabetics, these carrot cake bars have been wholeheartedly approved. You can separate them into bars as suggested (perfect for taking out on the go!), or you can bake them in a circular tin and present as a pie.

3. Banana Bread


This version of banana bread is made with whole-wheat flour, making it a perfect option either for a satisfying dessert or a convenient breakfast. There are a few variations on the website, so you can choose between low-carb, fat-free, gluten-free or vegan banana-bread, all of which completely sugar free! Add blueberries into the mix before baking for bursts of natural sweetness.

4. Chocolate Fudge Cake


Yes, you read that correctly. Gooey, moist and creamy chocolate fudge cake, sugar and gluten-free! The cake gets its gooey-ness from the unusual baking ingredient, avocado, which is packed with all the healthy fats our body needs. While this indulgent and decadent cake is completely sugar-free, it a little high in calories so enjoy in moderation and share with friends!

5. Ginger Pear Muffins


A wonderfully seasonal choice of autumnal ginger, pear and walnuts, these muffins are the perfect size for when you’re craving a pick-me-up. Play around with the recipe, and try apples instead of pears for a little variation!

So, no matter your goal, be it to lose a little weight or effectively manage your diabetes, any one of these mouth-watering desserts will help you on your way! Try them all and tell us your favourite, each of them are delicious, but the proof is in the pudding.