We promise to only ever provide you with a healthy, sugar and preservative free, drink.

Our conception story at Hey Like Wow is simple. The founders, being parents themselves were disappointed in the limited healthy drink options for children available on the market. They are high in sugar and full of preservatives. They were are passionate about creating a drink that children can enjoy that contains no nasties, no sugar, but also provides a flavoursome natural alternative that contributes to their daily vitamin intake. 

Our goal is to give you a sugar free vitamin-enriched drink that provides health hydration and is infused with fruit extracts that are bursting with flavour.  

Push Cap Technology

Our unique push cap is an innovative idea that keeps the water separate from the soluble vitamins in stored in the cap. Keeping the vitamins separate ensures they retain their natural goodness, keeping them fresh and powerful the second they hit the water. This prevents dilution, meaning that when you are ready to drink, you simply push it, shake it, live it. 


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