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Sugar Free without the Nasties

You won’t find any sugar, preservatives, colours and artificial sweeteners in any of our products. Finally, a healthy soft drink suitable for the whole family.

At Hey Like Wow we promise to only ever provide you with a healthy, vitamin-enriched, and sugar and preservative free, soft drink.

We have spent years developing a product that we would not only drink ourselves, but that we’re happy for our families to drink too. Our goal has always been to deliver a hydration option that truly supplies the health benefits that will enhance people’s lives, and that comes in a range of exotic flavours to make drinking Hey Like Wow enjoyable, and not an obligation.

We see that we have a responsibility, one that means making choices for the benefit of those who have been left without a healthy alternative for so long. This is why we’re so dedicated to promoting awareness of the dangers an unhealthy diet and lifestyle can have. Some companies may look to deceive you as to their true nutritional value. At Hey Like Wow we are committed to ensuring that you will never be left in any doubt.


Alongside Pure, Natural Mineral Water, our soft drinks include:story

Vitamin B6, which helps your brain function, metabolism and immune system


Vitamin C, to encourage the growth of healthy tissue and to boost the immune system


Vitamin D, to build a strong foundation for bones to develop from

Calcium, essential to building strong, dense bones*

Calcium and vitamin D – the two most important nutrients for bone health
*Calcium only available in 250ml