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Healthy Hydration on the Go

Pure, natural mineral water, together with optimised vitamins (B6, C and D) are freshly delivered via the latest ‘blast cap’ technology, for that welcome boost to collagen formation, blood vessel function and muscle maintenance on the go.

One thing that became obvious to the team at Hey Like Wow was that not enough people have been asking the question ‘Why?’
Why are we drinking these sugar saturated products?
Why are there no alternatives?
Why don’t we do something to change?


The ‘Why’ at Hey Like Wow has always been ‘Why Not Now?’ Things need to change, and with little chance that other manufacturers will reduce their sugar content and remove preservatives from their products, it has fallen to us to deliver an alternative. This is a challenge that we have been happy to embrace, and our Still Vitamin Water + products are the result.

Eating and drinking habits across the globe have changed massively in the past 50 years, and the need to cut out detrimental ingredients, not just sugar, is absolutely vital if  our communities are to remain healthy into old age. We are proud to be sugar and preservative free, and when you make the change – you will be too.

Currently in the UK, 2.6 million of us are pre-diabetics. By the time we’ve reached 2025, this is predicted to have reached 5 million. On top of that, it’s estimated there is 850,000 people who are suffering from full diabetes, but that simply haven’t been diagnosed. This isn’t just a cause for concern on a personal level, but on society as a whole. Consider that added pressure on the NHS and you begin to see the problem with drinking and eating too much sugar.

It is because of this that we think it is time to make a conscious choice to live healthy. Hey Like Wow can be just the beginning.


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